Arbitration proceedings

Commercial contracts often contain an arbitration agreement providing that any dispute arising between the contracting parties shall not be heard before a state court but an arbitral tribunal as contractually agreed. We have several years’ experience not only in legal representation before arbitral tribunals but also as arbitrators in commercial and company law matters.

In the field of cross-border trade and for export and distribution contracts, the utmost importance is attached to the arbitral tribunal of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) in Paris. Proceedings before this arbitral tribunal are characterized by high efficiency, qualified arbitrators and rapid action. The costs that initially seem to be high are put into perspective by the fact that, in contrast to state courts, there is no second (or even third) instance.

However, the language used in ICC arbitration proceedings is mostly English, and the applicable rules of procedure have only very little in common with German procedural law. The ICC Rules of Arbitration are also particularly open to special Anglo-Saxon features such as discovery or cross examination. Due to several years of practical experience in these arbitration proceedings and regular attendance of courses and conferences held by the Paris ICC, we know the rules of procedure and are also able to conduct the proceedings in English.